COVID-19 measures

Do I have to book a table in advance?
Due to the reduced number of tables, we kindly ask you to book in advance online or by phone in order to guarantee you a place.
Tel.: 07221 900 9900
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For how many people am I allowed to make a reservation?
Table reservations are subject to contact restrictions as per the country's current Corona Ordinance. Gatherings and private gatherings are only permitted with members of one's own household and five households, with a total of no more than fifteen persons; children of the respective households up to the age of 14 are not counted; Couples who do not live together are considered as one household. Vaccinated or recovered persons including their household children up to the age of 14 do not count and are not considered as a household.

Do I have to show a negative test?
A negative test is not required to be presented.

What rules apply to vaccinated or recovered persons?
Guests with valid proof of vaccination or convalescence, including their household children up to the age of 14, do not count towards the gatherings and private gatherings and are disregarded as a household.
What other requirements apply to my visit
Visiting our restaurants and bars is only possible with a medical mask or respirator. Children who have not yet reached the age of 6 are excluded from this. The medical mask or respirator may be removed after being placed at the table.
For reasons of health protection and to trace infection routes, the first and last name, address, date and period of attendance and, if available, the telephone number of one person per household must be recorded. You are welcome to register for any of our restaurants and bars via the Luca app.
At the table itself, there is no need to keep a distance if you are seated at a table with people who do not fall under the general contact restrictions. In public areas, on walkways and in the toilet area, the general distance rules of 1.5m apply.
The usual hygiene rules apply, such as thorough hand washing. Please also observe the sneezing and coughing etiquette.

Do I have to register on site?
We offer our guests the opportunity to register via the Luca app in order to submit contact details securely.

What happens with my data?
Personal data is stored for 4 weeks and transferred to the health department if necessary.

What hygiene measures have the restaurants and bars taken?
In addition to thorough ventilation, ionisation devices permanently clean the indoor air in public areas. Surfaces and objects that are frequently touched by guests are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Disinfection dispensers are available for hand cleaning.
Hand disinfection dispensers are available at all relevant entrances. We ask all guests to disinfect their hands before entering the respective area.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to view our food, beverage and wine menus digitally via a QR code.
Our staff are offered a voluntary COVID 19 rapid test twice a week. All staff are subject to daily health protocol awareness and temperature is taken before they start work.

How can I pay my bill on site?
We ask you to pay cashless in all our restaurants and bars if possible.

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